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:# not all types of links count when determining article status: [[m:Help:Interwiki linking|interwiki links and interlanguage links]] don't count, nor do <code><nowiki>[[Помоћ:…]]</nowiki></code> links (to place pages in categories) or <code><nowiki>[[Датотека:…]]</nowiki></code> links (to display files) — although regular links to file or category pages, like <code><nowiki>[[:Помоћ:…]]</nowiki></code> or <code><nowiki>[[:Датотека:…]]</nowiki></code>, ''do'' count (note the "<code>:</code>" before the words "<code>Помоћ</code>" and "<code>Датотека</code>").
: This is why the page [[Херман Хесе]] was not being counted as an article until [[Special:Diff/24625|my edit]]. The count will rise if other such links are added to existing pages that don't have them. Altenatively, the settings could be changed for this wiki so that ''all'' pages in the main namspace get counted as articles. This can be done by having an on-wiki discussion to gain consensus for the change, then submitting a [[phab:|Phabricator task]] to ask system administrators to change the value of [[mw:Manual:$wgArticleCountMethod|$wgArticleCountMethod]] to "any" for this wiki. (Here's an [[phab:T131771|example of such a request]].) - [[Корисник:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[Разговор са корисником:Dcljr|разговор]]) 22:37, 3. август 2017. (CEST)
::OK, thanks for explanation. I will probably start some discussion to change this weird behaviour. Redirects will not count I guess? --[[Корисник:Obsuser|Obsuser]] ([[Разговор са корисником:Obsuser|разговор]]) 02:07, 4. август 2017. (CEST)
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